Miscellaneous Hawkins' Web Pages

Post date: Dec 4, 2011 9:32:24 PM

Okay, if you are here you probably know me and know this is my website.  I just realized that I am not the only one with a website in the family.  My brother has one, my cousin Christopher (at least I think it's Christopher, but I'll need to double check later) has one, and my cousin Daniel (not brother) has one too.  And I just found out that my cousin Katy also has a web page!  

Made me think about the fact that nobody has really put this altogether in one location.  This is just a start and I'll probably end up creating a static page for it.  But this is just an announcement of the pages I know:

My sister has a blog but it's inactive and I believe she is too busy at her church to blog much anymore.  My brother Dan was never interested I don't think but his company has one at Clarion Healthcare.  I'll add more if I become aware of them, but for now that's it.