New Site

Post date: Nov 26, 2010 5:41:12 PM

In preparation for cancelling my current web hosting service, I have created this site.  It uses Google Sites which I have avoided until recently.  However, with the recent transition to the infrastructure, the expansion of services to Google Apps, and since it's free I have decided to completely migrate to Google.

The design pretty much mimics the old site.  I have much less control over design on Google Sites another contributing factor to me postponing the process of transitioning completely to Google.  Then again I'm not a designer and the design is simple enough that I'm not overly concerned about it anymore.

The big change from the prior set up is that the blog is now one for each person in the domain.  The fact remains that I (rob) am the only one blogging so I'm the only one with a blog.  You can find my blog here: Robataka's Blog