My Journey

My Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle Journey Summary

In 2014 I watched Forks Over Knives on Netflix. At the time I was pre-diabetic and close to 200 pounds which at 5'5" (65cm) is squarely in the obese category.  I felt it in my joints, the impact on my sleep, and my overall health. I had high cholesterol and very high triglycerides. I decided to give Rip Esselstyn's Engine2 28 Day Challenge a go. In October 2014, I started the challenge and ended it two days before Thanksgiving that year. 

I had made a personal promise to myself that if the results I achieved were what was claimed I'd keep to it. I had planned the end of the 28 days to be right before Thanksgiving so I could have my turkey if the results were not what they promised. The results were as promised, so that Thanksgiving I had 4 small pieces of Turkey and this is the last animal based food I have had. So I have been at least vegan since November 2014.

Fast forward a few years where I allowed life to derail me. A combination of injuries slowing my exercise down, increased work demands and stress followed by the pandemic lead me to shift to a diet of more vegan "junk food".  I did not revert to eating animal products but not all vegan food is necessarily healthy food and Uber Eats made it all the easier to take advantage of my favorite local vegan restaurant. I put on most of the lost weight back and did not feel well. I scheduled an appointment with my primary care provider. 

This appointment was a wake up call that I needed, I had a fasting blood glucose of 242 and a A1C of 10.1. I was prescribed Metformin and Rybellus and a follow up appointment was scheduled for the next month. At that next appointment my A1C had dropped to 7.4 and I had lost 10 pounds. We agreed to stop the Rybellus and just stay with Metformin.  At my next appointment 5 months later, I had lost 30 pounds and my A1C was down to 5.4.  

As of the writing of this, I am still on Metformin because I consider that 5.4 to be one data point. I want another "normal" A1C prior to ceasing the Metformin.